Riot raffles

No-one in Britain can have escaped the riots in England last week. I’d been away at a music festival when they started and oblivious to it however when I returned home I was glued to the news channel.

As well as the shock of the riots I was moved by the solidarity of local people who cleaned up afterwards and were determined to show the positive side of their community.

Twitter (which seems to be my second home) was ablaze with information, misinformation and a lot of comment. In the midst of it I saw a re-tweet about a woman in London who wanted to do something for the independent retailers who had not only lost their livelihood but also their homes.

Her name is Zoe and she posted this . The idea is simple, independent retailers and makers donate an item which in turn is raffled off in aid of the Retail Trust ( The trust will use 100% of the money raised to help the staff and shopkeepers who have been directly affected by the riots.

As small as my offering is I would like to help and will be donating the above brooches to the cause. As every they are completely handmade and hand stitched. The lucky raffle entrants to get them ( I will leave it up to Zoe as to whether she wants to raffle them separately or together) will get an extra thank you from me.

You can get updates on twitter via @riotraffles or their new blog which should be live later this week.


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