Belladrum 2011


I’m breaking away from my normal crafty posts to let you see some pics from my wee trip to a festival in the Highlands.

Tucked away on a country estate in Beauly, near Inverness is a festival called Belladrum. I went there about 5 years ago and had a great time so jumped at the chance of tickets this year.

It was lovely to see how it’s grown but by keeping to a 14,000 crowd kept it more intimate and manageable than other festivals. It’s always been very family friendly although the local teenagers certainly enjoyed themselves – so pleased I wasn’t camping their party area as I am becoming an old fart and I don’t think they slept.

This year we were also accompanied by my friend’s wee daughter which meant we didn’t just stick to the music. This actually increased my enjoyment as I explored other areas and gave me a different festival experience.

So let’s see, along with the music (in tents, a potting shed, a boat & Italian sunken garden) they had a crafting areas for children, a cinema, relaxation area, prose & debating tents and an area with a car covered in moss and lots of pianos in a wooded area. Two couples got married over the weekend and I’m sure new relationships started too.

Musically I think my highlights were Roddy Hart, Raghu Dixit, The Phantom Band, Teddy Thompson and Vintage Trouble. Food-wise it was a big thumbs up to Stoats Porridge (the Cranachan with fresh raspberries, honey & toasted oats is amazing) and Isle of Arran beef.

Here is a wee slideshow of my photos from the weekend which hopefully gives you a flavour of what you missed. Not many band pics as my camera doesn’t like to take them.

Ah well, back to reality.


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