A day in the life…

This could have been called “two entries in two days shocker” but don’t panic I’m not getting super efficient. Rather, along with other bloggers I’m taking part in a link up.

Claire from Miso Funky thought it might be nice to have a glimpse into other people’s lives and suggested we do a day in the life blog entry. Sounded good to me so here’s what I’ve been up to today.

Today (& tomorrow for that fact) I’m on a training course. Actually rewind…

I’m not sure if you know but most of us artisans have day jobs too. We’d love to make wonderful items all day but sadly it doesn’t always pay the bills or keep us in embroidery thread. It is a dream of mine to be able to give up the day job but I’ll need to remain patient for that to become a reality.

For me my main job is as a housing advisor/advocacy specialising in working with refugees. As if that and frayedattheedges isn’t enough I also work as an usherette at various concert halls in Glasgow. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be paid to watch world class orchestras, David Byrne or be part of the madness that is Celtic Connections while being lovely to people? BLISS

So back to today…

During the course of appointments I’m often asked immigration questions but as it’s illegal to give immigration advice if you’re not qualified I’m doing the OISC level 1 qualification.

It’s a wee stinker of a course so after it I took myself off for some retail therapy. I ended up getting a breathable, waterproof, very unsexy jacket. The main reason for the purchase is I’m going to a music festival soon and as it’s in the Highlands I really don’t want to stand in a field all day soaked to the skin. Ok! Ok! I’m getting old I know 😉

This evening I decided not to sew as I’ve got sewers elbow which is very painful and similar to tennis elbow. Instead I’m concentrating on some projects just for me.

Remember Clothkits? The 1970s company that took the stress out of making skirts and toys by printing the pattern straight onto the fabric? Well they’re back and if you haven’t done so already you should have a look at their website. Tonight I’ve just cut out this pretty bundle which will become a full n funky lined skirt.

I’ve also done a bit more to my entry for the Sketchbook Project 2012. Give me a needle and thread and I’ll happily make something abstract or figurative. Give me a pencil and I feel I’m out of my depth. So I’m using the project to try to build up my confidence. The theme I picked is Stitches & Folds and I’m enjoying coming up with ideas for it.

The final thing I’m going to do before I get to bed is try to finish a piece for a project I heard of via Mr X Stitch. He was looking for embroiderers to help make pieces that will be part of a larger project. (Note to self: must remember to email him.) Will be blogging about this more fully at a later date.

All of this while my cat watches, sleeps and tries to get my attention.


Today’s been a good day though it’s not over yet.

If you want to see other bloggers entries or have blogged today and want to take part Claire will be compelling them here.


5 responses to “A day in the life…

  1. rhubarbcrumble

    Look at all the beautiful things you’ve been working on today! I’m so impressed… Great to read about your day.

    • Cheers. Actually feel I’ve been lazy today but that’s probably because of the training. Just noticed you’ve done an entry too. Will have a snoop…I mean look at it heehee

  2. Sewers elbow! Sounds nasty!

    Thanks for joining in! And for reminding me to do my Mr X project piece too 😉

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