I had a great time at the Little Birds Market yesterday and met some lovely people. On looking at the beautiful pieces other makers had for sale I realised it’s been AGES since I last told you about some of my fab handmade buys. Today I’ll rectify that and it’s all about paper!

There’s something wonderful about paper. We all know it so it doesn’t seem threatening, its tactile and oh so versatile. So in no particular order here are some great paper products I’ve bought & love.

copyright: Iona Bruce

When I heard Iona Bruce was going to make a zine full of illustrations with each edition featuring a different theme I was intrigued and naturally had to get a copy. The 1st edition comes with amazing illustrations on the theme of bears and beards (yes I think I’m finally converted to beards) with wise words from various contributors, an events list & a double page highlighting some lovely handmade items. I’m very impressed.

If you want to get a sneak preview have a look at this video Iona made for the first edition: The other beauty is you only pay what you can afford – perfect. You can buy it from the Heart & Lungs website.

copyright: Hayley Potter

copyright: Hayley Potter

Recently I was randomly going through Folksy and found Hayley Potter and was immediately drawn to her prints of birds so bought two of her books. Every page is filled of lovely reproductions of her work detailing both real and (as the title suggests) imagined birds. My favourite is the Imagined Forest Birds but don’t let that put you off the seabirds which make me feel very calm as I imagine Hayley sitting down by the sea photographing and sketching them. As someone who is not confident at sketching I admire anyone who can convey movement or a scene so effortlessly and Hayley certainly does be it in the wings of a hummingbird or a puffin looking up. A neat wee find indeed have a look at her shop HERE.

copyright: Hayley Rose

Finally, but certainly not lastly (is that a word?) are the wonderful postcards with envelopes I bought from Caroline Rose Art. They are a set of 6 glossy postcards in three designs that are bright, colourful and deceptively simple. Yes it was the peacocks that sold them to me but the floral tree and Russian dolls are just as sweet. They are perfect for notes to say “thank you” or even instead of a birthday card and I think I know who are getting them and like she suggests I’m going to keep one of each card just for me and I’m on the hunt for chunky white frames to put them in. Check out her other pieces for sale HERE.

I know this post is all about paper but you really should go on her Folksy page and look at her cute fabric owls. I think I might have just seen my next handmade purchase 🙂

copyright: Caroline Rose

I would like to thank Iona Bruce, Hayley Potter and Caroline Rose for allowing me to reproduce their photographs in this blog entry.

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