I made: an amigurumi owl

Judy Van Button and friends

Meet Judy Van Button and her amigurumi friends! She was my lovely teacher when I tried my hand at amigurumi at Make It Glasgow recently.

This is a form of 3D crochet which I’ve seen and been intrigued by so when I saw a class I thought I’d give it a go.

I am definitely a beginner “hooker” and when she said we were going to use three strands of yarn at the one time on a 4 hook I did gulp. It did take a while for my knitters instincts to be pushed to one side and start to move the hook the correct way but as the owl took shape I started to relax.

It’s amazing how quickly we all progressed, mainly down to Judy’s patience and good instructions, as none of us had tried this before. By the end of 3.5 hours we all had cute amigurumi owls although mine is definitely a owliphant on account of its long beak (don’t ask it just happened that way).

amigurumi hen and owl

Since the class I’ve bought my own hook and am making a wee friend for owliphant though when I’m going to find time to finish her I don’t know 😦

Last Saturday I bumped into Judy with some of her amazing creations she’d just taken down from an exhibition. From face-huggers to birds, a wonderful 2D wolf and even a dinosaur her work is amazing & I’m in awe of how fast she can work. She’s also got a wee ETSY page & I love the frog on it.

I think I’ve got the amigurumi bug so am gutted I’ll miss her next class where you can choose to make an amigurumi owl or dog. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the class will be repeated but if you’re free it’s on Sunday 26th June at Make It Glasgow. Click HERE to find out more.

Hmmm, now what craft will I try next..?


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