Book review : Embroidery by Karen Ruane


I promised you book reviews this year, I’ve not forgotten and today here’s my first one.

My crafty book collection is small but I think it’s an interesting mix of sewing, embroidery and cross stitch which all inspire me on different levels.

Today I’d like to big up a small but lovely book I bought. However, before I begin I want to let you know that I have not been asked to write this review nor have I been paid to do it. If I’m ever given a book to review I’ll let you know. Right, back to the review…

The book I’m starting with is my newest buy ‘Embroidery’ by Karen Ruane. I’ve bought some small pieces of her work before and blogged about it. She is an exceptional embroiderer based in England with online shops and a lovely Flickr page. If you like embroidery, especially whitework I can really recommend her blog Contemporary Embroidery.

Anyway, back to her wee book. It is postcard sized and has 20 pages but don’t let that fool you. Each page has a great close up picture of her work on it. As she says it is “intended as use for inspiration only” well if you want inspiration to take your work to a new level or direction then you could do worse than purchase this.

At £10 it might seem expensive but Karen makes and prints it herself. She has also hand bound this wee bundle of prettiness in which, accompanying the photos she has added simple but useful written ideas.

To protect her copyright I’ve just given you a picture of the cover. If you want to have a closer look at it here is where you can buy it.


2 responses to “Book review : Embroidery by Karen Ruane

  1. thanks for this Julie, love the review…really appreciate it, Karen

  2. I have one of Karen’s books too and just love it! It’s always more expensive to ship to the States and vice versa but as you said, for inspiration – WOW!

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