Starter Packs : post a patch

It’s hard to say Iona Bruce of Iheartdotdotdot without starting it with the phrase “the lovely” but she is and along with So Good and Run Free has come up with a lovely idea. This is to make knitted blankets for Starter Packs.

Starter Packs is a great charity based in Govan, Glasgow which helps people who have been homeless to get some of the smaller items they need for their new home. This can be bedding, cutlery, crockery and when they have them detergents. I know how good they are as in my other world I refer people there and have only heard good things about them.

Having never knitted a square before the recent International Women’s Day event at the Tramway I now seem to have the bug. As well as bring a good way to use up the end of your yarn the results are bound to cheer up an empty bedroom – if you don’t have furniture/money to buy furniture it takes over 12 weeks to get a Community Care Grant to furnish your new home.

If you want to know more or would like to participate here’s a link to her blog



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