Hidden Treasures – retro clothes funky crafts

I think spring is here. I say think because it’s still freezing even though the sun is trying it’s hardest to shine and the buds are on the trees. It’s certainly inspiring me to make some new bright goodies.

It’s almost time to put away our winter coats & knits but not quite yet. In fact I was about to put away my funky berets when I got a wee email asking if I’d like to do a new fair.

Hidden Treasures is one of the new kids on the block. Based in the hip pub Captain’s Rest on Great Western Road (nr St Georges Cross) they are hosting their second retro clothing & craft fair on Saturday 2nd April.

Well being allowed to sit in a pub all day, meet lovely people & give them the chance to buy my frayedattheedges goodies was too wonderful an opportunity to miss. So I’m making some new corsages in bright spring colours, more wrist cuffs and yes there will be hats!

I hope you can pop along as it’s sure to be a great day & with Mother’s Day, Easter and lots of birthdays coming up you can get all your pressies away from the high street and grab a glass of wine at the same time.

PS they may still have some stalls left so get in touch with them if you sell wonderful clothes or cool makes.



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