Pom Pom Project #691

As some of you will know I love twitter it’s not only because I can be closer to other crafters or keep up to date with the news on issues I’m concerned with but also because it helps me stumble across random lovely things.

One such bit of serendipity is The Pom Pom Project. Natalie Jones is a Design Student at Napier College, Edinburgh. As part of her Honours Degree she has started a project to bring a bit of happiness into our lives using the power of pom poms!

It was a no brainer for me and quickly after sending her an email I got a cute kit in the post. While making my pom pom I found myself thinking about my immediate family – parents & 3 siblings – and how lucky I am to have them. We don’t always see eye to eye, sometimes we’re so busy we don’t get a chance to see each other for a while but we are there for each other and have a laugh round the dinner table.

So rather than just one pom pom I made 5! Some are even heart-shaped and today I braved the elements and went to Queens Park to find a tree to hang them from. There was snow on the ground but a lot of the trees liked so bare that I ended up hanging them from a rhododendron bush. They are just budding and with the lush green foliage topped with snow seemed perfect…then I saw a seat under one of the bushes – bingo!

Enough rambling here are my pictures…

If you’d like to see where other people have hung their pom poms have a look at Natalie’s Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/pompom_project or follow her whole journey onTumblr http://pom-pomproject.tumblr.com

Don’t forget to let her know if you see any of the pom poms…there are 1,000 released all over the world from Scotland to Spain, Turkey to Australia!


2 responses to “Pom Pom Project #691

  1. This is such a lovely idea! I live near queens park, I wish I would have seen them. 🙂
    Pom poms really brighten up everyones day I think.


    • You should try to find them as they’re still there, or at least most were the last time I looked.

      If you go in the entrance opposite the Ivory & take the path that cuts thru the park you’ll see them on the bushes on the lefthandside.

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