Look what i won!

Oh yes I’m a very lucky girl. I know it’s meant to be gloomy Monday but I seem to be bucking the trend. Ignoring my electricity bill I’ve met up with a friend, started work on a new piece, got my free Make Tea Not War mug from Miso Funky, received fabulous heart cello-tape from Magic Alice and then the Tweet I’d won arrived! Phew and it’s not even 4pm!

The other week Feltmeupdesigns ran a giveaway and I came second winning a tweet of my choice! This is the cheeky chappy I chose.

I’ve wanted one of her hand felted birds for a long time but somehow never seemed to have the money to buy one. Now I’ve got one I think he needs a partner but which one up choose..?

I dare you to look at her ETSY and Folksy sites and not fall for them too http://www.etsy.com/people/feltmeupdesigns.


One response to “Look what i won!

  1. How very cute!!! You seem to have bypassed blue monday – well done! 🙂

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