One pattern three yarns

Winter seems the right time to dabble in some knitting. I’ve been having fun trying out different patterns, yarns and needles which also fits in quite nicely with my attempts to look at the manipulation of material.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really like bamboo needles as they seem the most tactile and have the added advantage of not being freezing to the touch unlike the nickel ones. If you live in a cold climate like you’ll understand what I mean.

My knits are simple and practical being mainly scarves and fingerless mitts but a quick look on will show you that you can make them as pretty, complicated or simple as you’d like. Another tip is to see if your local wool shop has free patterns. Most shops hire staff who are experienced knitters so can give advice on wool, needles and the like.

I have tended to go for the moss stitch in the past as I like the texture but thought it would be interesting to try more of a lace effect.

The picture below shows three very different yarns using the same pattern. (As ever) my pictures aren’t wonderful but hopefully you can see that there are differences. I love the fact the pink Kidsilk (left) looks more like lace while the green felted wool looks more substantial. The teal acrylic/wool mix (right) has fun sequins in it and I used quite narrow needles to get a ribbed effect.

If you’re interested in the pattern cast on 38 stitches or if you want to make it narrower or wider cast on in counts of three plus an extra two stitches.
First row knit.
Second row knit one, (knit two together, make a stitch, purl one, purl one)* (* repeat this until the last stitch), knot last stitch.
Row three repeat row one and continue repeating rows one and two until you cast off. Give it a go.


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