Try something new

When I’m at fairs and markets I often hear people say “I wish I could make that” accompanied with a bit of a sigh. Well you can!

We makers aren’t practicing any dark arts but rather have often tried different disciplines and found the one(s) that we enjoy the most.

I know signing up for a 6 week evening or Saturday course can seem quite daunting not to mention expensive but now there are other options. With places like The Life Craft and Make It Glasgow in Glasgow and The Spider & The Fly in Edinburgh you can do one-off, 3 hour classes and come away with a finished item.

As you know I didactic Japanese bookbinding class then an anodised jewellery class a few months ago and loved it having never tried anything like that before. Well, more recently I tried a fabric necklace workshop. Sewing is definitely my thing so I was in 7th heaven. All these classes have limited numbers so you can get personal attention without feeling you’re
hogging the teacher. In fact all the teachers have been really relaxed, so friendly and very knowledgeable.

Yes, even makers can learn new things and I loved learning how to make roses as well as making the garnets necklace. In fact I’ve loved it so much I’ve made a few roses more at home.

So next year I will be trying out more classes (and reporting back) but why don’t you too? From making a tote bag to learning how to use a sewing machine and even slippers there is a class for you out there.

All three places I’ve mentioned have their classes on their websites but if you don’t live nearby then your local fabric store might know of local classes or when you’re at a fair ask some of the makers.

I’ll leave you with a soft focus pic of the necklace I made and hopefully you’ll say “I can make that!”


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