Inspired by Man Men

Earlier this month I gave you a sneaky peek into Make It Glasgow ( which opened this week. Now I’ve had a chance to use their facilities I thought you might like to a wee review and have a look at my makes.

Now it has to be said I haven’t made an outfit or used a pattern in yonx. Normally I just go with the feel of the fabric but I found some patterns I liked and with my material headed over. The one thing I’d forgotten was that I’m not superwoman and would require two visits to complete the look.

My immediate reaction was that it was bright and airy with the cutting table and sewing tables to the right and a lovely coffee area to the left. Ashley was on hand to give me a quick tour including a guide to the sewing machine and it was down to business.

Having the large cutting table at the door gave me lots of space to work in – I normally use a pasting table which my cat always wants to jump on it. Also having different sized tailor dummies is a nice touch although I could have spent hours just playing about with the sizing.

The three sewing tables again have enough space between them that I didn’t feel I was imposing on the person behind me. I wondered if there would be a cacophony of sound when all the machines were in use but being new they purred softly unlike my machine at home which likes to let me know it’s working. This meant people in the cafe area could hear themselves talk without shouting .

I had a couple of breaks and fell for Auntie Carrie’s coffee & choc chip cake though the cupcakes and biscotti also looked fab.

My owl finds a new home

I went for a Man Men inspired look with a sparkly black top and pink/cream tweed skirt. I still want to play about with neck of the top (maybe a scoop) and add some finishing bits to the skirt (tartan hearts I think) but apart from that they’re ready to go.

sparkle baby sparklepretty in pink

In total it was around 6 hours of cutting, sewing, having a cuppa and fiddling about but I’m pleased with the results. Will post the final look soon.

Next: I’m trying my hand at anodised aluminium jewellery making at The Life Craft so watch out for my adventures there.