cute practical makes

Hello again

I had fun at Bungo in the Lanes last week. Met some really lovely people along with members of  the Glasgow Craft Mafia I hadn’t met before. Was also really pleased that I packed water and sun lotion as the sun was out in all its glory.

After that event I’ve got a severe lack of goodies in stock and need to get sewing and knitting. Luckily I’ve been off work this week and have had a chance to make some new practical items.

I thought I’d lost my cover for my iPhone so set about making one which led to two.

I’m also tired of carrying my compact camera in a sock. I don’t mind but do get strange looks from others and this cute bird material was perfect for it. I also hand covered a button to finish it off in style.

My last make is a pin cushion. I recently bought a bridesmaid’s dress in a cream silk with burgundy raw silk trimmings. So much material that is begging to be reused. The pin cushion is embellished with lots of french knots and straight stitch.

So, what do you think? Not bad for someone who is on holiday and has been chilling? More makes coming soon.


One response to “cute practical makes

  1. lovely makes, i understand how easily sometimes one turns into two when you get into the making mood.
    Lovin the birdies so cute, no more weird looks, just envious ones.

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