Book Binding Taster

There was a wonderful book event held over Friday and Saturday this weekend in Glasgow called Glasgow International Artists Bookfair ( where art met bookbinding in an amazing way.

I love the feel of a book and am definitely sold on the way one is presented compared with another but never really thought about how they are put together.

This weekend was an eye opener as there were so many styles of books on display. From tiny to huge, journals to novels. Like most visitors I was drawn to the large books with creatures coming out of every page like an adult version of a pop-up book. The Jacob’s Ladder style is also fascinating.

So it was with a bit of in trepidation I booked up for a taster workshop on basic single book binding. The session was run by Owl & Lion of Edinburgh ( and the hour & a half just ran away.

We were taken through the process of preparing the book (we made mini notebooks) and then shown 4 different ways to bind them. It was amazing to hear that when learning their art a master binder will make the students cut paper all day to learn the technique; this can last years and only when the master is happy can they progress to book binding machines!

As I enjoy sewing this was fun and we ended up with 4 small booklets and I think I’d like to learn more about this craft. It would be lovely to give friends personal notebooks, play with materials and threads as well as to use for displaying sample work.

So I’m going to look at my pennies and seriously think about doing their short course as it would be lovely to try some of the other techniques like Japanese Stab Binding and traditional leather binding.


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