a successful night

…and relax! The opening night of Scarlett Fever was last night and a complete success. There was an excellent buzz about the place before it began and Miss Scarlett had us all in position.

Ok I was still trying to stitch on some feathers to the backdrop just as the doors were opening and had to borrow the DJ to hold them in place as I positioned some taking stitches but that’s just between you and me.

scarlett fever stage

Each performer had their own set so Miss Scarlett kept it simple and I’m so pleased the fans worked well. In fact they were a hit with the audience at the end of the night when I dismantled the set.

The fans in action

You can see more pictures of the night here http://bit.ly/dsTyg8

I was also very happy with the way my outfit turned out.

looking down

in the cloakroom

I’m still working on the dress which will evolve over the coming events so expect more pics. Also quietly chuffed with the fascinator (the first I’ve made) with feathers, bow and veil. Later in the night I did turn it round the other way so the veil was over my eye and it looked good that way too.

Now it’s back to pincushions, brooches and lovely knits. If you fancy keeping up to date with what I’m doing feel free to join my Facebook page http://bit.ly/aFBPZJ


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