The dark art of crochet

You know how it is… it’s a long, long winter and you’re itching to do something… anything… and along comes a friend (let’s call her “Ashley”) who promises to teach you to crochet.

“I can handle that!” I say to myself

Oh how wrong I was. Crochet you see is a dark art. Practiced (and learnt) in dingy corners of coffee shops around the world.

So there I was with other people waiting to be converted by “Ashley” and learn the ancient dark art. What I wasn’t expecting was to be hooked, if you pardon the pun, and now I want to learn more. My first effort was sad to say the least

But undeterred I took a hook home and played with some wool. This time I felt a bit more confident… yes the dark art was starting to affect me 

And now I’m trying out another piece which might become a scarf. Admittedly one with wonky tensions and with no variation in style as I only know one type of stitch.

 So what now? Well I’ve been in touch with “Ashley” again and I believe my next lesson it to make circles and squares, but only if I buy her a large pot of tea.

I’m excited but scared as this dark art might take over.

Don’t do it kids!


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