what does 2010 hold for me?

There are no new year resolutions in my home but I have found myself murmuring “must do more…”

So here’s my basic must do more list

  1. with my blog (& Facebook). I really enjoy blogging about what I’m up to but probably don’t use it as much as I should, or in the best way. As well as letting you know what I’m up to I hope to let you know about other artists and blogs I love.
  2. my on-line shops. Yes like most of us I just don’t give them enough TLC. So I want to try to list every week, actively take part in forums and promote more than I already do. Don’t worry I won’t bombard you with messages but a tweet every so often.
  3. my sewing machine. Currently I do most of my work by hand sewing but this year I want to make larger items and this will be too time consuming. So, looking forward to learning all the trick my machine can do.
  4. craft fairs & markets. Ah yes, I do enjoy meeting people and talking to potential buyers about my work. But they are also a good way of networking. Fingers crossed I will be able to find more to attend.
  5. my camera. As you’ll have seen with my Flickr site I’m not the best photographer BUT that’s mainly due to not spending enough time getting to know my camera…maybe if I give it a name?..
  6. make more. OK that’s a no brainer but I’ve so many ideas but half of them don’t even get on to paper let alone made.

Some ideas I have include buttons, scarves, brooches and cards but will let you know more as I create them.

If I become more organised (I also have 2 jobs) I think it’s achievable.

Am looking forward to 2010 with all its twists & turns. Hope you are too.


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