an enjoyable commission

Christmas is always a busy time for us crafters. Most of us have full-time jobs, there’s, well Christmas to get sorted and of course this is when people would like presents made.

At the moment I’m not sure if I’m coming or going but secretly I love it. This year I have started to feel a bt more confident have had quite a lot of work through commissions. I enjoy the challenge of being given a remit and gong with the flow.

One person asked for 3 brooches made with tartan. She picked the tartan she liked and gave me free range to create. Here’s the results (and excuse the light…Scotland in winter is dark so the pictures don’t show how vibrant the colours are) .

Above I used a red satin to create a flower shape. It’s stitched in white and has french knots towards the centre.

The next one is in my trademark heart shape with a suedette backing. The heart in the middle is stitched with red beads a should flutter when the wearer moves.

Finally is the one the commissioner has called the golden heart and is keeping for herself. In the centre is a lovely black button and I think the yellow satin and stitching has helped drawn out the subtle colours in the tartan.

Well still got two oversized hats to finish knitting so best get off and get knitting.


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