upcycle Christmas part 2

A few weeks ago I gave you a progress report on the skirts I’ve “upcycled” for Folksy.com and their collaboration with the Sue Ryder charity. Well, now I’ve completed them and am very,very happy. I especially love the tweed skirt…but more about that later.

First is the denim skirt by Monsoon. Which had been lovely, but plain. Now, with the help of some embroidery I’ve made it a bit more fun.

I didn’t want to overdo it, though I was tempted to cover the whole skirt.

I also added some flowers to the back of the skirt as I always think it’s a shame that (mainly due to cost) designers only focus on the front.

Now for the tweed skirt.Remember the granny skirt I bought?

the original skirt

Well I’ve slashed it, added to it and embellished it so now it looks like this…

As you can see it curves down from the left to the right (all done freehand). I then made a slit on the RHS and inserted some of the material I had cut off placing them in folds. After hand-sewing the hem and the extra material I added some tweed and tartan love hearts so that when the wearer moves there are flashes of colour.

Will be putting them into the auction this weekend but thought you’d like a wee look at them first.

You can also look at my Flickr site for pictures I took while altering them http://bit.ly/2eo06Q

Right I’m off now but will give you a glimpse of some goodies I’ll be selling at the Dennistoun Craft Fair on the 28 November later this week.


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