Upcycle Christmas update

Thought I’d give you a quick update on my Upcycle Christmas project.

With one skirt finished I’ve started on the other and this is going to be even more fun. Here’s the original skirt…

tweed skirt1

the original skirt

Yes, you’re right, it’s boring & frumpy (even with the blurry camera shot) BUT has so much potential. I’ve never altered something without having a reason to alter it. You know when something has become too big? Or to cover a stain/hole/snag? This time I’m working blind.

I let it sit about for a while and just looked at it before a plan started to come together. This plan involved slashing it from side to side and making a slit at the LHS.

tweed skirt 1a

...no going back

Then I  inserted the material I had cut off into the split. As well as adding a feature to the pencil skirt it also allows the wearer to move more freely. I’m not sure whether or not to embellish it or not, will await til I see it on a willing model before deciding on that.

tweed skirt 1d

inserted side panel

As for the material that’s left? Well a couple of brooches have been made & might give them free with the skirts.

brooches 1

brooches using extra material from tweed skirt

So, what do you think?


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