Sneaky peak of Folksy skirt

Well I’ve started on my Folksy/Sue Ryder project and thought I’d give you some sneaky previews.

I started on the denim skirt which I decided was in need of some colour and for me that meant embroidery. So here’s some glimpses of it…what you thought you were going to see it all?

Front hem of skirt
I’ve put a couple of love hearts on the front waistband one of which has the message “hello” on it.

“hello” top right waist band
It annoys me that some skirts have beautiful work on the front but the back is completely plain. Ok, so we need to be practical but a bit of embellishment to the bottom never hurts.

centre back of skirt
And then we need a strong but simple design. I think it works but will wait til I get a willing model to see if I need to alter or add anything. In the picture below you should also be able to see that I’ve added some coloured threads to the stitching. It’s not all over but hopefully compliments my designs.

detail of front panel

Ok so, what do you think?

My next part of the project will be to tackle the frumpy tweed skirt. Should be fun with a pair of scissors.
If you want to take part or keep an eye on proceedings then have a look at which will give you all the information you need.

2 responses to “Sneaky peak of Folksy skirt

  1. Hey dude Some beautiful piecs there -let me know about markets etc fton 15 Nov onwards as as I should be in Glasgow most weekends between then and xmas.

    Also, my mate rachel has just acqured a very kooky tweed bag with a strap emnellished wirh empty bullet casibfs from a craft place in oban It’s pretty cool – do you do anything in tweed at the mo ?Although you mignt want to avoid shellw if you decide to plagiarise. Guns and bullets ate commonplace here but I woukd imagine a little more inappropiate ihe City x

  2. This looks gorgeous! I’m embroidering some baby bibs as a Christmas present at the moment, but I am tempted to dig through the wardrobe for this challenge….love it.

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