Upcycle Christmas with Folksy

As some of you might already know the lovely folk of folksy.com have teamed up with Sue Ryder shops to raise money for the charity. By asking crafters to make goodies for sale through folksy with all money going to the charity it’s a challenge not to be missed.

So today I climbed out my bed and with a crisp £10 in my hand I headed for my local charity shops (nb if you live near one of the 14 participating Sue Ryder shops you can pick up a ticket from folksy.com which entitles you to 5 free items from their shop to use for the competition) and didn’t do to bad spending £10.48. I now like to think I’ve also helped Marie Curie, Barnardos and Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice.

a well spent £10.48

So let’s see what I’ve got

1.monsoon denim skirt

This is a generous Monsoon size 8 skirt  quite straight with a small flare at the front. It looks just right for embellishment and at the moment I’m thinking embroidery to give it that Russian peasant look which was all over Vogue this year.

2.long wool tweed skirt

This is a lovely thick, lined tweed skirt. Sadly it is a-line, calf length & not fashionable at all. I think it could do with being shortened and manipulated to be bring it up to date. The rest of the material & lining can be used for something else but let’s see how much I have left before I decide about that.

3 & 4grey & cream wool

As you will know I like my knitted flowers and this wool will be perfect for that. They might be brooches or they might become part of the skirts… hmmm

5.bargain scarf

The scarf only cost £1 and it reminds me of Liberty’s peacock prints. I’m sure it’s meant to be tied nicely round my neck but I’ve other plans for it.

Ok so I’ve given myself a challenge but I’m up for it. Will blog as I go along but if this has made you wonder if you could make something which could be sold for charity OR want to find out what is for sale then go to folksy’s blog http://bit.ly/ljCLU and get involved.

my bundle of joy


2 responses to “Upcycle Christmas with Folksy

  1. Great to see other people participating in upcycle! I can’t wait to collect my materials!

  2. Can’t wait to see the results of the embroidered skirt!

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