I’m feeling rank with the cold this weekend so I want to get all cosy and think of inspiring artists.


The first one to come to mind is Frida Kahlo. Her life is well documented so I won’t go into any detail other than to ask if you’ve read her diary? When I say read it’s also so visual I have it by my bedside just to pickup and flick through.


I love her primitive/folk style which has more impact than if she had tried other styles of art that were popular at the time. In fact why don’t I just let you breath in her work



frida kahlo

I hope you can see why I find her work so amazing. The depth of colour, warmth but also pain is present in all her work. Frida Kahlo also has a determination that few of us can match.

I can also recommend the Angels of Anarchy exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery . Ok the price tag is £6 (£4 conc) but I spent several hours there and could have done longer if time had allowed. Here’s how the art gallery describes it:

Explore Angels

Angels of Anarchy is the first major exhibition in Europe to explore the crucial role that women artists played in the surrealist art movement.

The exhibition features over 150 artworks, including paintings, photography, sculpture and surreal objects, created by three generations of artists from around the globe.

The 32 artists are some of the most important and influential artists of the 20th century, including Frida Kahlo, Lee Miller, Meret Oppenheim and Leonora Carrington. These were radical, revolutionary women whose work still inspires, and sometimes shocks,  today.

The exhibition is divided into five themes. Find out more about the exhibition themes by either following the link below or clicking on the images to the left.

The exhibition is curated by Dr Patricia Allmer, MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Now back to me…what d’u think? Fancy it? From sculpture to paintings, books to old cine film there is so much to indulge in and inspire you.

Well, I’m off to make another hot water bottle and climb back into bed.

NB As wonderful as the internet is as an aid it is not always so easy to attribute photographs to the correct person. So I would like to say I did not take any of the pics and sorry, I really hope I haven’t infringed on your rights. If I have used any of your work please let me know and I will attribute it properly.


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