inspiration for circles

As well as blogging about my work as a way to work out what I want to do next I also enjoy getting inspiration from other bloggers, artists and crafters. Once I work out how to add a list of blogs I love I’ll add them to this and share them with you.

There are two who have inspired me for my latest sample. The first is a Glasgow based artist called Helen Shaddock. She has done a series of work with circles and I love the way there is a structure but within it is some randomness. In July she put some of her rough drafts for the work on her blog

The other person is Karen Ruane who is an amazing embroiderer. She is based in England and her cut out work (and puffs!) are sublime. One entry on her blog I love is

So back to my sample. As you probably already know I really love texture as much if not more than shapes and have combined both in a piece of sample work I have just finished which I’ve just entitled circles. Through simple manipulation of the material by using different stitching techniques the piece is transformed.

circles 1dcircles 1

Here are some close-ups of the work

circles 1bcircles 1ecircles 1a

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out especially as i had a bit of a nightmare trying to stop the voile from fraying too much before I finished.

Right…what’s next?


2 responses to “inspiration for circles

  1. Hi. Thanks for the mention. I didn’t get the comment but this is fine. It’s good to hear I inspired you and I especially love the way you have used your white stitches, thanks for the lovely words about my work, Karen.

  2. Good luck with your shops. Thanks for the links. I already follow Karen’s beautiful work.

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