M&S make a big boob

Here goes a wee rant about Marks & Spenser’s and their bras….or for me lack of them!

Recently M&S decided that they would stop charging more for bras for us curvy girls and instead all women, no matter what their shape, would be charged the same amount. Hurrah!

So when I thought I’d go and treat myself to a new one instead of going to my normal store I went there. Oh dear! I left empty handed and more than a little bit annoyed as it seems what they really meant was you can ALL have a cute/sexy/practical bra but only up to a 40G and by the way not all the ranges goto that size.

If you are more curvy than that and need…er…um…bolder holders (gals you know what I’m saying) then the only options are bras only your gran would think were suitable. They seemed to be the white/beige variety that you might wear on a Sunday in the house but would be definite passion killers if the moment took you and your partner.

I might not have gone to the largest M&S but it was a city centre one in Glasgow so there are no excuses.

I’m off to my normal shop where I know I can get pretty, sexy etc bras that make me look and feel as good as I want to.


One response to “M&S make a big boob

  1. Too bloody true. I am a curvasious lady and have an array of ‘shock absorbers’ and granny bras and have too had to find somewhere else that does my size, pitty they are 40 squid a pop!!

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