cut out sample work

Apart from getting hot & bothered about M&S I’ve been beavering away attempting some material manipulation. I’ve never tried cut out work before and thought it was about time I had a go.

My first attempt was a mix of even weave material with ribbon under it. I wanted to see how everything would fit together and thought using the even weave would be the best as a trial.

cut out 1

 I then got a bit more adventurous and shaped the material below while embellishing the top with hundreds of french knots (yes I have got a bit obsessed with french knots).

cut out 2

I then wondered what the effect would be to use material and threads all of the same colour. The close up below shows how the top material is almost  as tight and curly as a sheep but even using the same colour through the use of texture it creates depth. The photo below that is of the full sample to me it reminds me of a treasure island map…or maybe that’s just my imagination.cream 1cream 1c

And now I’m getting more adventurous. 3 circles in one strip of material. I’m still not sure how it will end but am having fun just letting it take shape as I work it.cut out 3

cut out 3a


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