DCT Fair

My stall

My stall

It was a strange time at the Dennistoun Community Together Craft Fair yesterday. For all the advertising on radio, papers and round the area it was quite quiet. I doubt there was anything more the organisers could do to let the good folk of Glasgow know about it.

However, as always I really enjoyed it. There’s a lovely atmosphere at this fair both between the stall holders and the public as well as within the stall holders themselves.

I love the fact I get a chance to speak to others and get inspiration from them. Everyone makes what they sell and are happy to talk about their work. I believe there was even a bit of bartering between crafters. This, to me, is what a craft fair should be about.

OK, we all want to sell and make a wee profit but I’ve visited some fairs that are really slickly produced where it costs a fortune to have your 6 foot space and it just doesn’t look fun.

I tried out some new pieces and they seemed to go down a treat. Quirky brooches and bags which certainly made people smile.

So here’s to the next fair and whatever it holds.


One response to “DCT Fair

  1. I want the blimmin monkey tote…and badges…oh, and a sloppy joe hat without bobble please.

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