Coco before Chanel

I went to see Coco before Chanel yesterday and really loved it.

poster for Coco Before Chanel

poster for Coco Before Chanel

The cinematography was interesting as when seen through her eyes only clothes or details on clothes are in focus unless it was a person who interested her. It also had a very airy feel to it as it was just before the Great War and times (for the rich anyway) were not too hard. It was still a time of excess and the idea that if you’ve got it flaunt it.

There are flaws in the film as I think she might have been a bit nastier than portrayed but it’s a bio-pic and therefore not meant to be the verbatim truth. Coco seemed a compulsive liar, esp when it came to her family background and maybe some of the half truths in the film help to exaggerate the myth.

As for the clothes…phew! The film is about her beginnings rather than when she had her empire but the ones they showed were amazing.  I wish I had her eye and skill but I can understand how she can look at a piece of material or an outfit and think about how it can be manipulated or improved upon. there was a scene where she had a bale of pink tweed on a pattern table and boy was I jealous.

The film has inspired me to think about my stitching esp as I try to hand stitch as much as I can and therefore the finishing is very important. However I have to take my straw hat off to the goddess of the needle and her team of seamstresses who created some of the most iconic clothes of the 20th century.

costume sketches for Audrey Hepburn

costume sketches for Audrey Hepburn


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