Bags! Glorious Bags!

As some of you, who have seen my creations, know I love different textures. It is fun to experiment with different materials and threads.

Currently I am getting ready for another craft fair and have been designing some tote bags which are practical but will hopefully stand out when worn. The bags themselves are cotton and I’ve got a range in black, neutral and red so the fun comes in making each one unique.

I love rummaging about in the remnant bins in fabric shops and recently I found some wonderful mink raw silk with large teal and cream flowers on it. The flower part feels like velvet and  the detail of the petals and stem are machine embroidered. The rest is a wonderful mix of soft and rough textures.

Teal flower on red tote bag

Teal flower on red tote bag

However it is not all about the material I use. I really enjoy stitching and I’ve almost finished a cute owl tote bag where the tree they sit in is depicted by simple stitching using different types of threads including metallic.

owl tote bag with needlework

owl tote bag with needlework

I have sewn everything by hand and although the owls are neatly stitched I have deliberately sewn the tree roughly to give it a gnarled appearance.  The  purple material is a silk like lining and the owls are lightly padded to give them more depth. All that’s left to do is attach it to the bag.

Hopefully these bags will be as useful at the shops or university as they might be one a night out if you’re intending not to go home 😉  What would you like to see on your unique tote?


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