Update about my website

Just a quick blogto let you know that my website is oh so close to being unveiled and I’m really EXCITED about it.

OK it already exists but is being tweaked and I’m finding it a tad stressful. I suppose as it’s my baby, I want it to look good as well as being functional ie to promote my goodies, and well…I just want it to look good. It’s been a labour of love for a wee while now and growing in my mind for even longer so now it’s near completion I’m getting the jitters.

On saying all of that I do have a bit of a nerve being stressed about it as all I’ve done is participate in a photo-shoot, written some text and agreed on which photos to use. The real genius behind it is Jacki from JCDesigns as she has brought it all together perfectly.

I gave her a remit of a basic web site that I can show my work on and links to places people can buy my work and like a fairy godmother she’s brought it all together.

A few months ago we did a photoshoot in the Botanic Gardens which was fun even if the rain did stop us from getting all the shots we wanted.

Louise & Jacki getting the shot just right

Louise & Jacki getting the shot just right

And this evening I sent her the final draft of the text so it’s only a matter of time…


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  1. “your wish is my command!”

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