After the Fair

Well it was a you-win-some-you-loose-some kind of day yesterday at the Dennistoun Craft Fair.

It was the quietest fair so far and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. It was widely publicised but still quiet. Instead I took heed of the words of wisdom I received at my first craft fair when another stall holder told me just to go with it and not worry about a slow day.

That’s held me in good stead and I had fun yesterday. What it did mean was I could spend time talking to customers and browsers. I like to find out a bit about who I am selling to and hopefully this will help inform me.

I was surprised how far some people have travelled including Stirling and Ayr. I did sell to a lovely person from Rome and I know my dad, who also has a stall, has a commission from one of his regulars who is going back to the USA.

The other lovely thing about it was being able to talk to other stall holders and gleam some insite into how they work and where they sell.

As usual the standard on show was amazing. honestly you should come to the next one in September as there are some hidden gems there. As it was slow I stopped myself from going into temptation and buying from several sellers, but I do have their cards (yikes!) so may talk to them on line soon.

I’ve also downloaded some pics of my work to Flickr which you can get a link to at the side of this blog.

Phew! think that’s all for tonight folks. Sweet Dreams x


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